Back to basics: Nearsightedness vs. Farsightedness

March 26th - 2015  |  This post is all about basics and two of the most confused definitions in eyecare - Nearsightedness vs. Farsightedness.  The definition of nearsightedness [myopia] is fairly straightforward... without correction, a nearsighted person sees better up close than in the distance.  The definition of farsightedness [hyperopia] is what trips most people up because it - functionally - is not the opposite of nearsightedness.   For younger folks, being farsighted does not necessarily mean that things up close are blurry.  Farsightedness means that you have to expend more energy that you should to clear things up close and if that extra effort is too much for the natural focusing system of the eye... then it is blurry up close.  Think farsighted people as having to wear a heavy backpack around all day... they can do everything but are likely going to be more fatigued then they need be.   Wearing glasses to fix farsightedness is kind of like taking the heavy backpack off.    dr.j